Multicore fiber 7-core optical fiber


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multicore fiber 7 core optical fiber
multicore fiber 7 core optical fiber

7-core optical fiber has 7 independent cores in a common cladding area. By adopting the refractive index profile structure of fluorine-doped cladding. Multi-core optical fiber based on the concept of space division multiplexing, transmitting multiple optical signals in one optical fiber at the same time, MCF can greatly improve the communication capacity, so as to break through the current ordinary single-mode optical fiber transmission capacity limit. With the development of space division multiplexing related technologies and the development of multi-core optical fiber sensing and technology, multi-core optical fiber will be an important optical fiber development direction in the future. Multicore fibers and fiber coatings with specific crosstalk levels can be customized to fully meet the wide application of multicore fibers in communications, sensing, industrial, medical and other fields.

Product application
• Ultra-large capacity optical fiber communication system
• New large-capacity multi-service access network
• Distributed fiber optic sensing
• Medical device applications
Product characteristics
• Single fiber multi-physical channel
• Ultra-low crosstalk between cores
• Excellent fiber geometry
• Low and consistent attenuation characteristics

multicore fiber 7 core optical fiber
multicore fiber 7 core optical fiber

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