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  • multicore fiber 7 core optical fiber

    Multicore fiber 7-core optical fiber


    7-core optical fiber has 7 independent cores in a common cladding area. By adopting the refractive index profile structure of fluorine-doped cladding. Multi-core optical fiber based on the concept of space division multiplexing, transmitting multiple optical signals in one optical fiber at the same time, MCF can greatly improve the communication capacity, so as to…

  • 双孔光纤/twin hole fiber/side hole fiber

    双孔光纤/twin-hole fiber/side-hole fiber


    Twin-hole fiber has two symmetrical side holes on both sides of the core, so it is also called side-hole fiber. Side-hole fiber is Mainly used for distributed pressure sensing. When the fiber is stressed, the core exhibits a difference in stress in the X and Y axes, resulting in localized birefringence. Accurate pressure measurements can…